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Architecture & Urban Planning

Architecture & Urban Planning

Co-housing : my own experience Audrey Gicquel Yves Michel » Read more
The Architect's Journey Philippe Potié Parenthèses » Read more
The Necessity of the Landscape Jean-Marc Besse Parenthèses » Read more
Heidegger and the concept of dwelling A philosophy of architecture Céline Bonicco-Donato Parenthèses » Read more
Frank Lloyd Wright, Five approaches Frank Lloyd Wright is a major figure in 20th Century architecture, whom history Daniel Treiber Parenthèses » Read more
Le Corbusier & Iannis Xenakis A dialogue on architecture and music Séverine Bridoux-Michel Imbernon » Read more
Cities and Architecture Under Discussion, Europan Chris Younès & Alain Maugard (dir.) Parenthèses » Read more
The Building of Happiness Virginie Picon-Lefebvre Parenthèses » Read more
La Sociologie de l'habitat contemporain Vivre l'architecture Author : Guy Tapie Parenthèses » Read more
Living Environment Town Planning Agence TER, Grand prix de l'urbanisme 2018 Ariella Masboungi (dir.) Parenthèses » Read more
Densify / De-densify Urban Countryside Planning Jean-Michel Léger & Béatrice Mariolle (dir.) Parenthèses » Read more
The Peri-Urban Living Space Florian Muzard & Sylvain Allemand (dir.) Parenthèses » Read more
Materiality of Architecture Antoine Picon Parenthèses » Read more
The Le Corbusier Cell The Unité d'habitation, Marseille Collective work, under the direction of Arthur Rüegg Imbernon » Read more
E-1027 House by the Sea Contributing editor Jean-Lucient Bonillo Imbernon » Read more
Architecture, spatial adventures of reason Henri Raymond Parenthèses » Read more
The wretchedness of modern space The production of Le Corbusier and its consequences Olivier Barancy Agone » Read more
Amsterdam, urban intelligence laboratory Ariella Masboungi (dir.) Parenthèses » Read more
Risk trump card, the reinvention of exposed areas Frédéric Bonnet (dir.) Parenthèses » Read more
The hand-to-hand city Gérard Pénot, Grand Prix de l'urbanisme 2015 Ariella Masboungi (dir.) Parenthèses » Read more
How to save our (selves from) open spaces? Deciphering our work spaces Elisabeth Pélegrin-Genel Parenthèses » Read more
A New City in the USSR Togliatti Fabien Bellat Parenthèses » Read more
Cities and Cars Ariella Masboungi (dir.) Parenthèses » Read more
The Stuff of Cities Thirty-seven urban variations Author : Sylvain Coquerel Parenthèses » Read more
Desire Lines Author & illustrator : David Mangin Parenthèses » Read more
An Ordinary City: The Geneology of Lyon's Left Bank, 1781-1914 Anne-Sophie Clémençon Parenthèses » Read more
Metapolis Revisited Author: Alain Bourdin Editions de l'Aube » Read more
Calades - Stones mosaics in the Mediterranean world Fabienne Pavia & René Sette Le Bec en l'air » Read more
Self-build, communal living, ecology and social links How to build collectively in town ? Author & photographer : Bruno Parasote Yves Michel » Read more
20th Century Architecture in the Var A Protected Listed Heritage Collective work directed by Jean-Lucien Bonillo Imbernon » Read more
André Svetchine An architect's view of his work Luc Svetchine Gilletta » Read more
Reconstruction in Marseilles 1940-1960 Architecture and urban projects Author : Jean-Lucien Bonillo Imbernon » Read more
Critical Modernity About CIAM 9 in Aix-de-Provence Collective work Imbernon » Read more
In the Forbidden City Cyrille Javary Éditions Picquier » Read more
Urban Analysis Phillippe Panerai, Jean-Charles Depaule & Marcelle Demorgon Parenthèses » Read more
Urban forms : from the Island to the Iron Rod Philippe Panerai, Jean Castex & Jean Depaule Parenthèses » Read more
Histories of Architecture Jean Taricat Parenthèses » Read more
Urban Project David Mangin & Philippe Panerai Parenthèses » Read more
Le Corbusier, The Unité d'Habitation of Marseille Sbriglio Parenthèses » Read more
Concrete, the history of a building material Cyrille Simonnet Parenthèses » Read more
Marble, from the quarry to the palace Pascal Julien Le Bec en l'air » Read more
Cardboard, furnitures, eco-design, architecture Olivier Leblois Parenthèses » Read more
Dry stone Pierre Coste, René Sette, Claire Cornu & Danièle Larcena Le Bec en l'air » Read more
Beirut Architecture The origins of modernity 1920-1940 Robert Saliba Parenthèses » Read more
Marseille Euro-Mediterranean, Catalyst for a Metropolis Brigitte Bertoncello & Jérôme Dubois Parenthèses » Read more
Alexandria : Ottoman Architecture Milena Annaloro & Guirémi Lange Parenthèses » Read more
Geneva Agglo 2030 : a cross border project Richard Quincerot & Michèle Tranda-Pittion Parenthèses » Read more
Japanese Houses : the Art of Living in Small Spaces Isabelle Berthet-Bondet Parenthèses » Read more
The Free-style Town - Laurent Théry, Grand Prix de l'urbanisme 2010 Ariella Masboungi (directed by) & Olivia Barbet Massin Parenthèses » Read more
Railway stations and urban dynamics High speed issues Directed by Jean-Jacques Terrin Parenthèses » Read more
An Industrial Town in the Carmargue - Salin-de-Giraud Thierry Durrousseau Parenthèses » Read more
Buildings for Brussels Architecture and Urban Transformation in Europe, 44 Projects Collective work directed by Joachim Declerck Parenthèses » Read more
Aeorcity When the plane creates the city Text : Nathalie Roseau / Drawings Ferriss, Farr, Paul, Corbett et nombreux archi Parenthèses » Read more
Promoting cities The Young Planner Awards Ariella Masboungi, Raphaël Crestin (directed by) Parenthèses » Read more
A Dictionary of La Défense (Architecture and Politics) An Atlas of La Défense (History and Territory) Pierre Chabard, Virginie Picon-Lefebvre Parenthèses » Read more
From new town to sustainable city Marne-la-Vallée Clément Orillard, Antoine Picon Parenthèses » Read more
Dispositif Architecture Alain Guiheux Parenthèses » Read more
Souto de Moura At Le Thoronet, the Devil told me Dominique Machabert Parenthèses » Read more
The Mucem Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations Rudy Ricciotti, Florence Accorsi et Romain Ricciotti André Frère Éditions » Read more
The project of projects Designing the contemporary city Author : Jean-Jacques Terrin Parenthèses » Read more
Through the Wall Author : Jean-Charles Depaule Parenthèses » Read more
Architects and Building Authors : Virginie Picon-Lefebvre, Cyrille Simmonet Parenthèses » Read more
Go West Architects of the counterculture country Author : Caroline Maniaque Parenthèses » Read more
The hypermodern language of architecture Author : Nicolas Bruno Jacquet Parenthèses » Read more
New York, Primed for Innovation The Bloomberg Years Under the direction of Jean-Louis Cohen & Ariella Masboungi Parenthèses » Read more

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